The Leaves Were Long…

And so it begins, a new Lord of the Rings LCG blog. This game has no shortage of excellent community content, it seems. We have an amazing deckbuilder, multiple fantastic podcasts, and a whole host of insightful blogs to help you analyze new cards, quests, lore, and the metagame.

So why start a new blog? What more ground is there to cover? What more can possibly be said that isn’t already covered better elsewhere?

While I may dip into card analysis or metagame discussion from time to time, I’d like to focus this blog on something I haven’t seen much elsewhere: building thematic decks to defeat nightmare quests.

Conventional wisdom often divides LotR LCG decks into two categories:
1) Power Decks, which are built solely with game mechanics in mind and are considered capable of taking on the most difficult quests
2) Thematic Decks, which eschew mechanically stronger cards when they don’t fit with the deck’s narrative and are considered less likely to reach “top tier” status

Well, I’d like to have my cake and eat it too.

The card pool has reached a place where we no longer have to choose between power decks and thematic decks. We can hew close to the themes based in Tolkien’s narrative while at the same time taking on the scariest quests this game has to offer.

Skeptical? Then this blog just might be for you.

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