A Brief Note on Goals

Before I begin the first actual Thematic Nightmare post, I wanted to lay out a few goals for myself. It will be helpful to have some sort of procedure so I know when I can stop tweaking my deck and consider myself to have successfully “beat a quest”.

The obvious minimum bar is that I must actually win a game against the quest in question. I’d like to do a little better than that, though. I’d like to know that I have at least some level of consistency as well.

For most quests, I’m going to try to achieve a win ratio of at least 3 out of 5 games. If I can achieve that, I’m winning more than half the time and can feel pretty confident that I’m not just getting good draws or a bunch of softballs off the encounter deck.

Some quests, however, are either brutally difficult even for the strongest non-thematic power decks or were never really intended to be played solo at all. For these quests, a win ratio of 3 out of 5 might be an unattainable goal. I might have to be satisfied with merely winning more than once. In these cases, I’ll post whatever win ratio I’m actually able to achieve (however small it may be).

I want to call out a few non-goals as well:

  • I’m not going to worry about score.
  • I’m not playing “progression-style”, a term for using only the cards available at the scenario’s release; I prefer to play with the full card pool.
  • I will consider matching the quest’s theme nice, but not essential. I’ll strive for it when possible, but ultimately I’m willing to call a deck a success if the deck is internally thematically consistent but clashes with the quest a bit.
  • I’m not typically going to worry about continuity from quest to quest. It’s more fun for me if I can build for each quest as if it were a separate puzzle rather than being beholden to my past deckbuilding decisions. I get to build more decks that way!
  • I’m not going to take any of the flavor text from the inserts into account. Since I’m playing each quest as an individual entity, the connecting tissue just confuses things.

8 thoughts on “A Brief Note on Goals

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