A blog post is never late

It seems life has caught up with me again and the post I was hoping to have up for last week isn’t ready yet. Road to Rivendell is still in progress, and will arrive precisely when it means to!

In the meantime, I’m curious how people feel about modern Dúnedain decks. They’re definitely my favorite archetype for multiplayer, where other players can take care of the questing part of the game. I have only recently started experimenting with using them as the foundation for solo decks. So far they seem tricky to pull off well, but really rewarding if I can get it right.

What are your experiences with the Dúnedain archetype? Any other Dúnedain fans out there? Sound off in the comments!

8 thoughts on “A blog post is never late

  1. Hi!

    Dunedin with traps can be super strong for pure solo.

    And that last Gandalf/Silvan deck you made is the best Silvan deck I’ve played yet! Using the Three people while seeing you have Legolas on the top of your deck… priceless!

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