Thematic Nightmare

In my Thematic Nightmare series, I build thematic decks to defeat nightmare quests.

Conventional wisdom often divides LotR LCG decks into two categories:
1) Power Decks, which are built solely with game mechanics in mind and are considered capable of taking on the most difficult quests
2) Thematic Decks, which eschew mechanically stronger cards when they don’t fit with the deck’s narrative and are considered less likely to reach “top tier” status

The power vs theme dichotomy, however, is a false one. Decks can be both thematic and powerful. This series is dedicated to proving that.

Here’s something to get you started

And here’s the full series

Core + Shadows of Mirkwood

Khazad-Dûm + Dwarrowdelf

Heirs of Númenor + Against the Shadow

The Voice of Isengard + The Ring-maker

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